5. Configuring with MetaDefender Core

MetaDefender Kiosk requires a MetaDefender Core Server for multi-scanning functionality.

MetaDefender Kiosk automatically connects with a MetaDefender Core Server that is installed locally on the same system as MetaDefender Kiosk.
However, if you are using a remote MetaDefender Core Server with your installation of MetaDefender Kiosk, configure your MetaDefender Core Server as detailed below.

Setting up your MetaDefender Core Server with MetaDefender Kiosk consists of the following steps.

Detecting the MetaDefender Core server URL

If MetaDefender Core is installed on a remote machine from Kiosk, the server URL must be specified.

  1. Access your MetaDefender Kiosk Management Console at http://<ip or dns>:8009. You can also access the Kiosk Management Console using Windows Start > OPSWAT > MetaDefender Kiosk Management Console.

  2. Click Configuration and enter your MetaDefender Core Server's URL.

  3. You can enter backup servers if you have any, in case the primary server become inaccessible, its license expires, or other issues the primary server might encounter.

Authenticating your configuration

You must authenticate your configuration by obtaining the API key from the MetaDefender Core Management Console and entering that information on the Kiosk Management Console's Configuration page.

MetaDefender Kiosk requires the MetaDefender Core API key to be assigned an 'Administrator' role

  1. To obtain your MetaDefender Core API key, access your MetaDefender Core Management Console.

  2. Click Settings and then click User Management .

  3. Click any user name and c opy the contents of the APIKEY field. If an API key has not been previously generated click the 'Generate' link to generate a unique API key for that MetaDefender Core user.

  4. Click OK to save and close the window.

  5. Return to the MetaDefender Kiosk Management Console and click the Configuration tab.

  6. Paste your Core API Key value in the API Key field.


Associating workflows in MetaDefender Kiosk to workflows in MetaDefender Core

Refer to 4.5. Selecting a Server to Process Files.