4.11. Retrieve Files

The Retrieve Files page lets you allow users to download files from an outside source to the media connected to Kiosk.
Supported sources are Vault and local or shared network directory.



When a user logs in to a Kiosk session, the same login credentials will be used for accessing the user's account on Vault.
Windows AD is the only supported login type.
The Kiosk guest profile and guest Vault IDs are not supported.
Refer to 6. Configuring with Vault to enable Vault server selection.

Delete files from server after download

With this enabled, files that are successfully downloaded will be marked for deletion on Vault.
Vault's background worker will later proceed to delete the file.


Local directory or network share is supported.
The %%%username%%% variable is supported to map the user that is logged in to the Kiosk session to their own personal directory.
Responses to user questions can also be utilized via the predefined '%%%userresponse#%%%' variable, where '#' is the number of the response to the corresponding user question. For example, to utilize the answer to the question 2, the variable to use would be '%%%userresponse2%%%'.
If no response to the question was given or no such question exists for the user response to exist (e.g. %%%userresponse999%%%), then the variable will exist in the path created.
The user's credentials are used to access the directories contents, ensure security permissions are set accordingly.

Process with Core

Files retrieved from a directory can be ran through Core and the rule specified before downloading.
If the file is allowed, then it will be copied to the media inserted.
If the file is modified by CDR or DLP, those copies will be downloaded to the media rather than the original file.