4.10. Email Session Report

The Email Session Report page lets you set up automatic emails that are sent to a designated recipient after each session is completed.
To enable this feature, move the slider on the right hand side of the page to On .
Email Current User allows the ability to send the session report to the AD user currently logged in to the Kiosk session or allow a Guest user to input an email address.
Send Email Only When Blocked Files Found will not send an email for every session, only for a session where a blocked file was found.
Use Log Settings for Report will send the session log as an attachment.
Use Print Settings for Report will send the session printout as an attachment.

SMTP settings are necessary to be configured to allow sending emails.
Configuration can be done in the Advanced Configuration section of the Configuration page.


Note: The maximum of size of an attachment is 25MB which is the limit for popular email sending providers and clients like Gmail, Outlook, Sendgrid, etc.
In case the session log is over 25MB, it is divided into approximately 25MB files where each file is sent in separate emails.