4.1. Workflows Page

Workflows can be created or edited on the Workflows page of the Kiosk Management Console.

Each user or group can join multiple workflows but only one workflow is selected for a session.
See 9.1. Logging In on the User Authentication Screen for more details

Note: Any users that are not included in one of the defined workflows will be assigned the Default workflow (if "Default login" is enabled).
Note: Workflows labeled with an "!" do not match with any existing Core workflow rules. You must select a corresponding MetaDefender Core in the 4.5. Selecting a Server to Process Files section.


Default workflows




Users that are not covered by other workflows


Workflow used when Guest Login is selected

Creating a new workflow

To create a new workflow, click Create New Workflow .
You will be guided through the process of creating a new MetaDefender Kiosk Workflow.
After the workflow has been created, each step in the workflow can be edited independently.

User Authentication

As of Kiosk 4.3.7, user authentication has been moved from the Workflows tab to the Configuration tab.