3.1 Login Settings

Management Console users are managed in the Login Settings section.
The Login Settings page is accessed by hovering over the user name in the top right corner of the console and choosing Login Settings.


This page consists of multiple sections:

  • User Directories manage Active Directory (AD) integration or Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Local Users manage the local users of the Management Console

  • Change Password change the password of the current logged in local user

The user configurations in Login Settings only affect access to the management console.
Login Settings does not affect who can log into the Kiosk application itself.

User Directories


The User Directories section is used to create and configure User Directories for the management console.
Clicking the Add button will open a wizard to create a new User Directory:

  • How to configure an AD User Directory (section 3.1.2)

  • How to setup an SSO User Directory to connect to an Identity Provider that supports SAML 2.0 (section 3.1.3)

When enabling an AD user directory, a quick connection check is performed.
If a connection is not established, an error indictor will appear.
The user directory will remain disabled until the connection is restored.