3.1.1 Local Users

Users are local to the Management Console and are separate from the users assigned to Kiosk workflows.
Local users can be created from any user with an Administrator role.
For a user that is logged in from a user directory, they cannot edit or delete any local user.

Creating a new user

From <Username> → Login Settings → Local Users


Click New User to create a new user.


Account name - user name used to log in to the mgmt console
Account display name - user name used in any logs, such as which user logged in to the mgmt console
Assign to role - user can be assigned a specific role: "Administrator" or "Auditor"
Password - used for logging in to the mgmt console
Apikey - used for integrations to other products such as Central Management, click Generate to fill in the box

To prevent automation of the user creation process, a captcha will be displayed for administrators to confirm and continue.
The random sequence of 6 characters and numbers expires after 1 minute.
If input does not match what is displayed, a new sequence is generated again.c4eea8b3-1c4a-4017-91d2-d35e1b6c0dbf#media-blob-url=true&id=9fc560c1-b31e-4fd0-ad65-9c2cc5ef580e&contextId=267133&collection=

Once the user is created, they are allowed to log in to the mgmt console.
A maximum of 50 users can be created.
Local administrators can add\modify\delete any user and change their own respective password.
Local auditors can only change their own password, they cannot view any other users.

Note: Account name is case-insensitive from 4.4.12 release. Case-sensitive account names from backward are upgraded and kept unchanged.