14. Release Notes

Management Console support for Internet Explorer has been dropped

4.5.1 MetaDefender Kiosk release

27 July, 2021

This release focused on blank disc detection, CM set settings, and OMVA logging enhancements.

New Features

OMVA logging

Accessible logging in json format generated when plugging & validating media into a machine with OMVA installed

Printer status display

Icon on UI now shows current printer status

Session history username filtering

Able to filter Session History in the Management Console by username


Copying files to disc

Corrected detection of a blank disc as destination media to copy files to

"Set Settings" applied to all instances

Fixed issues causing Central Management failing to "set settings" to other Kiosks.
Extending timeout settings in CM may be necessary

Workflow selection

Adjusted workflow selection for better usability

Mgmt Console login

Modified Mgmt Console behavior to only allow a user to be logged in from a single browser

Session log saved to network share

Fixed case where the session log was not properly saved to a network shared folder

USB whitelisting

Revised serial number matching to include vendor name and model