Kiosk Graphics Replacement Guide

All our Kiosks come with OPSWAT graphics already installed. These can be replaced with custom graphics should you choose to.

To add custom graphics to your kiosk/s - use this template, insert your graphic design, then email the final artwork to our preferred printer, Moquin Press (

When you receive the sticker from Moquin Press - it is a simple ten-minute process to remove our logo and apply your new graphics.

Materials needed:


  1. Use the template as a guide and add your graphics within the printable area.

    1. images/download/attachments/3704603/image2019-9-25_15-38-53.png
  2. Add graphics to Kiosk mockup to preview (optional)

  3. Proof the graphics (Print check colors, text, alignment)

  4. Package file for output (include fonts & images)

  5. Send to Moquin Press (Or your preferred printer).

  6. Receive, check print for accuracy.

  7. Peel off OPSWAT logo.

  8. Ensure Kiosk is clean and dust free.

  9. Align the sticker using tape and level it to ensure correct placement.

    1. images/download/attachments/3704603/image2019-9-25_15-39-54.png
  10. Peel off backing from the top, lightly press design onto the kiosk.

  11. Taking care to avoid air bubbles, progress downward, peeling more backing as you go. (hint: cut away the backing progressively to keep the work area clean.)

  12. When the design is on, use a solid cardboard square or credit card to press the design firmly on, sliding as you go.

  13. Peel backing off slowly at a diagonal down the face of the kiosk (avoid pulling toward yourself).