1.7 Kiosk Secure Image


The MetaDefender Kiosk Secure Image ensures that the Kiosk Operating System is not modified or tampered with during operation by creating a baseline of the Operating System and then continuously monitoring for any changes.
If any unexpected changes occur, the system stops until the alert is remediated.
The MetaDefender Kiosk Secure Image is a file integrity and regulatory compliance auditing enhancement that gives administrators better control and visibility into their security operations.

This image contains Defense Information Systems Agency ( DISA) compliant configurations following Security Technical Implementation Guide ( STIG ) regulations.
Also included are the latest versions of OPSWAT MetaDefender Core and MetaDefender Kiosk.

Also provided are easy deployment methods using some custom scripts with the Windows deployment tools.
Each Kiosk Secure Image is built for the specific hardware of K1001, K3000, and K3001, respectively.

The following deployment and setup instructions for MetaDefender Kiosk Secure Image are only for customers who have purchased K1001, K3000, or K3001 hardware.