1.7.2 File Integrity Monitor

The File Integrity Monitor (FIM) is used to prevent and alert the Kiosk administrator to any unauthorized changes to the files in the Kiosk installation directory.
When enabled, the FIM logs an event whenever an unauthorized file change is detected and then disables the Kiosk UI until a Kiosk administrator acknowledges the event from the Logs section.

Enabling or Disabling File Integrity Monitor

Configuration options for FIM can be found on the Configuration page in the Advanced Configuration section:


These settings are configured and enabled by default in Kiosk Secure Image.
If you need to disable FIM, uncheck the Enable checkbox and save the configuration.
Disabling FIM unlocks Kiosk if it is currently locked due to FIM events.

File Integrity Events

An unauthorized change to a file in the Kiosk installation directory causes a File Integrity Event which locks the Kiosk UI. These events are managed in the File Integrity Monitoring section of Logs:


Event information includes severity, timestamp of the event, the type of event, and a file path to affected file.

Acknowledging Events

Use the ACKNOWLEDGE ALL EVENTS button to clear all the File Integrity Events and unlock Kiosk.