Enabling RDP

In order to enable Remote Desktop on a Kiosk Secure Image the firewall must be configured to allow inbound connections on TCP port 3389 for domain, private, and public profiles.
Secure Image blocks all inbound connections by default.
This can be done the following way:

First make sure Remote Desktop is enabled in Windows:

  1. Right-click Start, select System

  2. On the panel that pops up, select Remote settings on the navigation menu, and click Yes on the popup to allow this program

  3. The Remote tab of System Properties should already be selected, if not click the Remote tab.
    Ensure Allow remote connections to this computer is selected.
    Click Apply if you had to enable then click OK to close this window.

  4. Right-click on Start, select Run and enter “services.msc” to open the Services editor

  5. Find these 3 services:

    1. Remote Desktop Configuration

    2. Remote Desktop Services

    3. Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector

  6. Change the Startup Type of these services to Automatic

  7. Start "Remote Desktop Services" (the other services will be startup automatically)


  1. Right-click on Start, select Run and enter “gpedit.msc” to open Local Group Policy Editor

  2. Expand Computer Configuration->Windows Settings->Security Settings->Windows Firewall with Advanced Security->Windows Firewall with Advanced Security - Local Group Policy Object then right click on Inbound Rules and choose New Rule…

  3. In the popup, select Port and click Next

  4. Choose TCP and Specific local ports: and enter 3389. Click Next

  5. Ensure Allow the connection is selected and click Next, then click Next again to select all profiles

  6. Give the rule a name, such as “RDP”, and click Finish

  7. Restart the Kiosk, or run “gpupdate /force” from an elevated command prompt

You should now be able to RDP into the Secure Image Kiosk