1.6. Upgrading MetaDefender Kiosk

As of Kiosk 4.3.0, manual backup of the Kiosk configuration and applying it after a new installation is no longer required.
Kiosk will maintain the same settings from a previous installation (version 4.3.0+).
This behavior does not apply to downgrading versions.

Backing up the configuration is only necessary to apply similar settings across your entire group of Kiosks without the use of Central Management.

  1. If MetaDefender Kiosk is running, close it.

  2. Save your data log as instructed in 1.6.1 Backing Up and Restoring the Configuration

  3. Uninstall Kiosk from control panel add / remove program.

  4. Install the new version of Kiosk using one of the following methods:

  5. Restore your data to the original location from Step 2.

The MetaDefender Kiosk configuration changed with MetaDefender Kiosk 4.0.0. Importing a configuration from versions prior to MetaDefender Kiosk 4.0.0 is not supported.