1.5. Managing License Information

MetaDefender Kiosk requires a valid license to be applied before you can use it.
You can apply your MetaDefender Kiosk activation key on the License page in the MetaDefender Kiosk Management Console.


If MetaDefender Kiosk is not connected to the Internet, you can use the offline activation functionality of MetaDefender Kiosk.
Follow the instructions on the License page to activate MetaDefender Kiosk.


If your MetaDefender Kiosk license has expired or is invalid, the MetaDefender Kiosk user interface displays an error and does not allow you to proceed.

On the successful activation, if user is at not-activated state (the UI Home page with red cross icon), the UI Home appears Restart; however if user is at other pages, and there is a deactivation, then activation action, the user is allowed to work on until end of session.

images/download/attachments/4881026/image2020-11-24_16-16-35.png images/download/attachments/4881026/image2020-11-24_16-15-23.png

When user is staying in UI Welcome page, the deactivation should reset UI to not-activated state again.