1.3. Installing MetaDefender Kiosk from the Command Line

Verifying windows installer

To install MetaDefender Kiosk from the command line, you must have Windows Installer 3.0 or higher. To verify what version you have:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\Windows\System32.

  2. Right-click MSI.DLL and select the Properties menu.

  3. Click the Details tab to check the version.

If 3.0 or higher is not installed, you can download it at Microsoft.com.

Command line options

The following command line options are available with MetaDefender Kiosk. All arguments are case sensitive.

Command Line Option




Install MetaDefender Kiosk

c:\MetaDefender Kiosk.exe /install


Uninstall MetaDefender Kiosk

c:\MetaDefender Kiosk.exe /uninstall

/log <log-file-name>

Create installation log file

c:\MetaDefender Kiosk.exe /log c:\omsinst.log


Run MetaDefender Kiosk installation silently

c:\MetaDefender Kiosk.exe /quiet


Sets the installation location for MetaDefender Kiosk

c:\MetaDefender Kiosk.exe /i INSTALLLOCATION="c:\MetaDefender"