User Guide


MetaDefender Kiosk Linux is the latest version of MetaDefender Kiosk.
It is designed to be a self-contained, stateless appliance running on the Linux operating system.
The configuration and management of MetaDefender Linux appliances is done through OPSWAT Central Management.

Key Features

  • Scan USB portable media

  • Simple setup - start scanning portable media within minutes of unboxing

  • All-in-one hardware

Peripheral media

MetaDefender Kiosk Linux supports USB 3.0 and the following encrypted USB devices:

  • Bitlocker encrypted devices

  • Kingston DTVP

  • Kingston DTVP 3.0

  • Kingston IronKey D300

NOTE: Not all encrypted USB devices are currently supported. If you have a specific encrypted device you need supported, please contact OPSWAT Support.