6.2.9 Version 4.7.4

4.7.4 MetaDefender ICAP Server Release

28 March, 2020

MetaDefender ICAP Server 4.7.4 is a maintenance release providing minor improvements.

New & Improved

Verbose logging of processing events

From version 4.7.4, MetaDefender ICAP server logs relevant request processing events on INFO level, for example:

  • Initiation of request scan

  • Failover to another Core

  • Scan cancellation

  • Scan results and errors

Each entry contains relevant details about the event including a unique request identifier that can identify that specific request throughout the logs.


Tuning for better file upload support

ICAP Server introduced some tunables to support file upload use cases even better.

In contrast to web browsing, in case of file uploads the content must arrive to the destination even if it takes longer. With the new tunables, ICAP Server can be configured to be even more robust in performing the necessary processing.

For details see Tuning.