6.2.8 Version 4.7.3

4.7.3 MetaDefender ICAP Server Release

3 February, 2020

MetaDefender ICAP Server 4.7.3 is a maintenance release providing minor improvements and fixes.

New & Improved

Export ICAP History to CSV

MetaDefender ICAP Server now supports exporting Dashboard > ICAP History to CSV.

For further details see the Operations / Export to CSV section in 4.1. Dashboard.


Placeholder for first violation

ICAP Server block page placeholder for violations (%%%violations%%%) can be a quite long list in certain cases as different engines might use different names for the same threat. ICAP Server 4.7.3 introduced the new placeholder %%%violations_short%%%, which contains only the first violation.

For further details see 3.8 Customizing the block page.


Multi-part requests blocked

In case of multi-part HTTP messages (HTML forms, for example) ICAP Server tried to scan even the empty parts (e.g. a file upload input that does not contain a file). In certain cases this resulted in blocking the message even if there was no malicious content in the requests. The problem was caused by Core 4.17.0 (and newer) that blocks empty files.

Server profile details hidden

When ICAP Server was managed by OPSWAT Central Management, the user could not even view the server profile details.

Settings managed by Central Management

When ICAP Server is managed by Central Management, then settings are read-only on the instance. It means that even after this fix it will not be possible to edit server profile settings, only to view them, when the instance is centrally managed.