6.2.5 Version 4.7.0

4.7.0 MetaDefender ICAP Server Release

6 August, 2019

MetaDefender ICAP Server 4.7.0 is a feature release focusing on the data trickling functionality.

New & improved

ICAP Server Data Trickling

Risk of potential threats allowed


Given by the nature of the thing, enabling data trickling may cause the ICAP Server to release potentially malicious content.

Always enable data trickling with care; only if you know what you are doing, if you are aware of the risk, and if you accept this risk.

Data Trickling is designed to prevent timeouts that can sometimes be associated with patience pages. To prevent such timeouts, data trickling trickles –or transmits at a very slow rate– bytes of the original contents –we call them drips to the client at the beginning of the scan. Because the ICAP Server begins serving content without waiting for the scan result, timeouts do not occur. However, to maintain security, delivery of the full object can be withheld until the results of the content scan are complete (and the object is determined to not be infected).

For further details see 4.2 Security rules and 4.7 Data trickling.


Config wizard loading for ever

For fresh installations of ICAP Server 4.6.0 and 4.6.1, the basic configuration wizard kept loading endlessly after completing the configuration procedure.