6.2.1 Version 4.4.0

4.4.0 MetaDefender ICAP Server release

26 September, 2018

MetaDefender ICAP Server 4.4.0 is a feature release focused on welcome wizard and error bypass improvements

New & improved

Added additional pages to the Welcome wizard

Now you can also connect to a MetaDefender Core instance and create your first MetaDefender ICAP Server security rule using the wizard.

Welcome wizard now allows creation of the "admin" user

In the first version of the wizard, you were unable to create an account with the name admin. This limitation is no longer exists.

Added advanced filtering to the ICAP history pages

Now you can find a more sophisticated way to search for specific ICAP requests. You can filter the history by Date, Action, Method, Result, HTTP URI, Client IP and ICAP rule.


Added a bypass option for general Core errors

Now you have another override option in Security Rules → Advanced for allowing requests where a general MetaDefender Core server error (with status 500) occurred during the processing.

Added an option for requests with unsupported encoding or decoding errors to be scanned as is

In the past, requests with unsupported encoding (from Content-Encoding header) or requests where a decoding error occurred could have been blocked or bypassed. Now you can select if you would like to process those requests in Security Rules → Advanced.


Security rules could disappear after service restart

Due to a configuration validation issue (validating inactive elements), security rules could disappear after a service restart. This would occur if before the service restart you deleted a security rule, and after deletion you also deleted the MetaDefender Core server profile it was using.

Updated text and URLs in the default block page's footnote

There were some obsolete URLs and text in the default block page's footnote. They are now replaced with their updated counterparts.

Decreased the severity of "An error occurred during writing response" log message from warning to debug

There could be a lot of "An error occurred during writing response" warning messages in the logs. These messages appeared because the clients were closing the connection while MetaDefender ICAP Server was sending the response, which is typically not an issue.