6.2.12 Version 4.8.0

4.8.0 MetaDefender ICAP Server Release

25 November, 2020

MetaDefender ICAP Server 4.8.0 is a feature release with security enhancements (e.g. support for ICAP over TLS out of the box) and the FILEMOD method.

New & Improved

FILEMOD method support

Besides the standard REQMOD and RESPMOD, ICAP Server now supports the FILEMOD (file modification) ICAP method. With filemod the range of file storage integrations can be extended.

For details see 4.9.3 FILEMOD.


Nginx log rotation option

MetaDefender ICAP Server can now be configured to rotate Nginx logs.

For details see 3.1.2 MetaDefender ICAP Server configuration file.

Out-of-box ICAP over TLS

MetaDefender ICAP Server supports ICAP-over-TLS (ICAPS) out-of-the-box now. The 3rd party Stunnel application is no more necessary to enable TLS for the ICAP interface.

For details see 3.2 Configuring TLS and 3.1.2 MetaDefender ICAP Server configuration file.

TLS configuration on the UI

It is now supported to configure TLS on the UI for both the web management console and the ICAP interface, so there is no more need to dig into configuration files when trying to configure TLS.

For details see 3.2 Configuring TLS.