6.2.10 Version 4.7.5

4.7.5 MetaDefender ICAP Server Release

13 April, 2020

MetaDefender ICAP Server 4.7.5 is a maintenance release providing minor improvements and fixes.

New & Improved

Improved handling of encoded filenames

Certain webmail providers misuse HTTP Content-Disposition header for MIME Content-Disposition header and put Base64 encoded UTF-8 strings into the filename parameter. After ICAP Server side processing of the string, the filename may have not been interpreted as a Base64 encoded string any more.

ICAP Server 4.7.5 has an option to decode Base64 encoded UTF-8 strings before processing. As a result such filenames won't be broken after processing.

For further details see 3.1.2 MetaDefender ICAP Server configuration file.