6.1 Changelog

Version 4.7.6

Enhancement and new features:

  • Configurable forced ISTag update frequency

Version 4.7.5

Enhancement and new features:

  • Improved handling of encoded filenames

Version 4.7.4

Enhancement and new features:

  • Verbose logging of processing events

  • Tuning for better file upload support

Version 4.7.3

Enhancement and new features:

  • Export ICAP History to CSV

  • Placeholder for first violation

Fixed issues:

  • Multi-part requests blocked

  • Server profile details hidden

Version 4.7.2

Fixed issues:

  • Upgrade failure in version 4.7.1

Version 4.7.1

Enhancement and new features:

  • Support for product sets and groups in Central Management

Version 4.7.0

Enhancement and new features:

  • ICAP Server data trickling

Fixed issues:

  • Config wizard loading for ever

Version 4.6.1

Fixed issues:

  • There were some broken links in the user guide page F5 BIG IP SSL configuration

  • Product schema is invalid error when adding ICAP Server to Central Management

Version 4.6.0

Enhancement and new features:

  • Permissive parsing to accept space in header names

  • Support additional placeholder tokens in the block page

  • Rules to support filtering by the ICAP client (proxy)

Version 4.5.0

Enhancement and new features:

  • Added support for ICAP preview functionality

  • Permissive parsing now accepts HTTP requests/responses without HTTP version

  • Syslog messages can be configured to use the server's local timezone

  • Added an option to enforce an enhanced password policy to local user directories

  • Number of all and displayed requests are shown in the ICAP history

  • Improved history loading and service starting time

Fixed issues:

  • Content-Length header was missing from blocked responses

  • Fixed some minor issues on the default block page

Version 4.4.0

Enhancement and new features:

  • Added additional pages to wizard for easier setup of the product

  • Added a more advanced filtering to the history pages next to the basic search

  • Welcome wizard now allows creating user with the name "admin"

  • Added a bypass option for general Core errors

  • Added an option for requests with not supported encoding or decoding error to be scanned as it is

Fixed issues:

  • Decreased severity of " An error occurred during writing response" log message from warning to debug

  • Security rules could disappear after service restart if a server profile was deleted which was used in an already deleted security rule

  • Updated texts and URLs in the default block page's footnote

Version 4.3.1

Fixed issues:

  • Improved temporary directory creation as it could fail on Windows when there were 256 directories present at the same time

Version 4.3.0

Important features:

  • Introduced welcome wizard

  • Batch scanning functionality of MetaDefender Core is used when handling multipart requests

Enhancement and new features:

  • Added wildcard (globbing) support for Host and Client IP matching in Security rules

  • Added support for Layer 7 load balanced Core

  • Added an option for skipping scanning parts in a multipart request where the Content-Disposition header does not contain a filename parameter

Fixed issues:

  • Windows event log source was changed to "Metadefender ICAP Server" from the incorrect "Metadefender ICAP"

  • Support package didn't remove every temporary file when cleaning up

Version 4.2.3

Fixed issues:

  • Results were missing from the ICAP history

Version 4.2.2

New features:

  • Parallelized processing of multipart requests

Fixed issues:

  • Central Management connectivity fix

Version 4.2.1

New features:

  • Re-interpreted, fresh look and feel

  • Central Management connectivity

Version 4.2.0

New features:

  • Support deflate encoding / compression

  • Configurable timeout for request scans

  • Do not send oversized requests to Core

  • Display IPs that are counted for license

  • Search for keywords in ICAP history URIs

  • Display blocked requests on the chart

Fixed issues:

  • Read-only users can't view inventory

Version 4.1.1

Fixed issues:

  • Option to capture traffic of bad requests

  • Option to use more permissive parsing

Version 4.1.0

New features:

  • Core load balancing and high availability

  • Option to override blocking oversized files

  • Detailed error messages in block page

  • Detailed error messages in ICAP history

Version 4.0.3

Fixed issues:

  • License option for unlimited number of clients

Version 4.0.2

Fixed issues:

  • Blocking page is not configurable

Version 4.0.1

Fixed issues:

  • Upgrade clears all data

Version 4.0.0

New features:

  • Standalone product offering

  • Support for multiple Linux distributions

  • Web based user interface for management, configuration and monitoring

  • Role based user management with multiple admin users and Active Directory integration

  • Multiple ICAP security policies with filters and advanced scan configuration

  • Different policy filter settings based on source client, destination host, or any other header

  • Multi-part (MIME) sanitization

  • Support for base64, brotli and gzip encoding