Right after the CORE URI ADDRESS has been specified, and is valid (connection can be established) the RULE drop-down list is populated with the available rules on the corresponding Metadefender Core instance.


The desired security rule may be selected from the configured Core's available rules. Default is Automatic.

Please note that if the security rules on the configured Metadefender Core under Policy > Security rules are limited to a specific user agent other than mdicapserver or restricted to specific roles, then those roles will not be available in Metadefender ICAP Server.

Metadefender ICAP Server identifies itself on Metadefender Core with the user agent mdicapserver.


On the example below the Core rule Kiosk is not listed in ICAP Server as that rule is restricted to user agent kiosk.

Otherwise all unrestricted core rules are in the list. images/download/attachments/13860809/image2017-9-8_13-6-15.png