1.2 License activation

To activate your installation go to the Settings > License menu in the Web Management Console. If you have no valid license, you will only see your installation's Deployment ID. You will also see a warning in the Web Management Console header.


  1. Press the ACTIVATE button to bring up the Activation menu, where you should choose from the available modes:

    • Online: the product will contact the OPSWAT license server online, and acquire its license based on your Activation key and Deployment ID.

    • Offline: you can upload a manually acquired license file.

    • Request trial key online: if you want to try out the product first, you can receive a trial Activation key via email.

  2. Select the desired option

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions

  4. Finally press the SEND button

After successful activation the product will be available with all its functionality. For detailed license activation instructions see [ICAP] 2.4.1 Activating MetaDefender ICAP Server Licenses.

When your hardware information changes, for example your mac address changes because the product runs in a virtual machine, the license get automatically reactivated on the first update attempt.