2.3 Upgrading MetaDefender Email Security

Notes for upgrading from MetaDefender Email Security v3

It is not possible to directly upgrade MetaDefender Email Security v3 to v4. MetaDefender Email Security v3 comes built into MetaDefender Core v3. Uninstall MetaDefender Core v3 first, then start a fresh installation.

There is no support for importing MetaDefender Email Security v3 configuration into MetaDefender Email Security v4. The configuration must be migrated manually.

Upgrading from MetaDefender Email Security v4

To upgrade from a former version of MetaDefender Email Security v4 a simple installation of the latest version is enough.

When upgrading, ensure to use the same edition of MetaDefender Email Security as originally installed (stand-alone or bundle version respectively)

All existing MetaDefender Email Security configuration and data will be kept during the upgrade.

Changing between on-site SMTP and on-site Exchange mode during an upgrade

Security rules of an on-site SMTP deployment and an on-site Exchange Server deployment are not compatible.

In case of on-site SMTP deployments each security rule must have an SMTP relay configured where emails are sent forward at the end of processing.

In case of on-site Exchange Server deployments there is, however, no need for explicit relay configuration (it is disabled). Emails are sent back to Exchange Server automatically at the end of processing.

For further details see 4.2 Security rules and 3.7 Server profiles.

As a consequence of rule incompatibility:

  • processing emails won't work as expected and

  • security rules require manual adjustments

after changing between on-site SMTP and on-site Exchange mode.