3. Release Notes

3.1.0 MetaDefender Drive

9 March, 2020

This is a major release that adds improved functionality in a number of areas

New Features

Getting Started Wizard

Introduction of our new Getting Started Wizard to support customers initial connection to the Internet, license activation, and updating the MetaDefender Drive software to the newest version.

New Language Updates

MetaDefender Drive is now available in Hebrew and Vietnamese along with English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese.

Integration to MetaDefender Cloud

All suspicious files can now be sent to MetaDefender Cloud for further analysis. Malware analysts can take advantage of more than 30 anti-malware engines to reach the highest and earliest detection rate of known and unknown threats.


Fixed Issues mounting Linux filesystems and LUKS encryption

Under certain conditions MetaDefender Drive was improperly mounting or renaming partitions for Linux filesystems, this further prevented decryption of certain encryption configurations.

Language setting is now preserved between boots

Prior versions would reset the active language to English on each reboot. This has now been persisted.

Scans hung on 0 byte files

Under certain conditions a scan may hang infinitely when it encounter a number of 0 byte (empty) files. This has now been fixed.

Viewing very large scan reports would sometimes freeze UI.

Steps have now been taken to allow the UI to better handle very large scan reports >1Million files.