Offline updates

Updating MetaDefender Drive Software

Download and Extract MetaDefender Drive Creator


  • Navigate to and download MetaDefender Drive Creator for the appropriate environment

  • Unzip the package

Execute MetaDefender Drive Creator


  • Launch the MetaDefender Drive Creator

  • NOTE: MetaDefender Drive Creator will only image official OPSWAT hardware.

Image the Drive

images/download/attachments/4505246/image2021-2-1_15-16-19.png images/download/attachments/4505246/image2021-2-1_15-16-51.png images/download/attachments/4505246/image2021-2-1_15-17-27.png images/download/attachments/4505246/image2021-2-1_15-22-7.png

  • Acknowledge the warning about data loss

  • Once MetaDefender Drive is finished successfully it is ready for use.

Updating Engine Definitions

MetaDefender Drive can receive engine updates online, if connected to the internet, or offline, via file based definition updates. Online updates is done automatically when MetaDefender Drive has a valid internet connection. This document will provide step by step instructions on how to update definitions in an offline environment by making us of the OPSWAT product: Update Downloader for Offline Environment

Download and Install Update Downloader for Offline Environment


  • Navigate to and download Update Downloader for Offline Environment for the appropriate environment

  • Install Update Downloader for Offline Environment on instruction at

  • Once installed you will need to copy the "license.yml" file from the /license folder on the partition MetaDefender Drive and upload it to Update Downloader for Offline Environment under Settings→License

  • Double check that the appropriate engines are updating in Update Downloader for Offline Environment

Download Update Package for MetaDefender Drive

  • Download the appropriate .zip for MetaDefender Drive

  • Extract this .zip into /update/defs/ folder on the NTFS partition MetaDefender Drive. Make sure to place each engine.yml and file is in the root of /update/defs/ . Delete any files that are not .zip or .yml

  • Eject MetaDefender Drive

Reboot System under MetaDefender Drive

  • Insert and boot system under MetaDefender Drive

  • MetaDefender Drive should notice new offline update packages. If it does not click "Check for Local Updates" on the engine update page to initiate update manually.

  • It may take it several minutes to notice the updates and verify the signatures of each component. The Drive engine's should indicate they are "Staging" or "Updating" along with progress bars once the update has been accepted

  • After update the user can continue as normal with Drive usage