Offline Activation

  • MetaDefender Drive provides full functionality in an offline environment. As a result the license activation process is designed to be possible through an air-gapped environment. Assuming the drive is kept in an isolated area without network access, and a low-security system sits on the low-side with internet access. The following steps will allow you to activate your MetaDefender Drive in an offline environment.

  • Insert MetaDefender Drive in Low-Security System.

Obtain Deployment ID:

images/download/attachments/4505229/linux_drive.png images/download/attachments/4505229/linux_dep_id.png

images/download/attachments/4505229/win_drive.PNG images/download/attachments/4505229/win_depl_id.PNG

  • Navigate to the NTFS partition "MetaDefender Drive"

  • Under the root of the partition sits a file called "deployment_id.txt", this is your MetaDefender Drive deployment ID

  • Please look for the OPSWAT invoice provided with the activation key for MetaDefender Drive

  • Open this file and copy the alphanumeric string to your clipboard

Request an License File for Offline Activation:


  • Navigate to "", and login using the credentials you setup during the sales process

  • Select "License Activation"

  • Ensure MetaDefender Package reads "MetaDefender Core v4.x - All packages"

  • Enter your Deployment ID in the given field

  • Enter your Activation Key in the given field

  • Click "Request Unlock Key"

Download License File:


  • Click "Download Unlock Key"

  • You should receive a file with called "<Deployment ID>.yml"

Copy License File to MetaDefender Drive:

images/download/attachments/4505229/license.png images/download/attachments/4505229/linux_rename.png

images/download/attachments/4505229/screenshot_%281%29.png images/download/attachments/4505229/rename.PNG

  • Move the <Deployment ID>.yml file into the air-gapped area where the MetaDefender Drive you want to license is located

  • Insert MetaDefender Drive into system

  • Copy <Deployment ID>.yml into the "license" folder on the NTFS partition "MetaDefender Drive"

  • Rename the <Deployment ID>.yml to "license.yml" within the "license" folder on the NTFS partition "MetaDefender Drive"

  • Eject the MetaDefender Drive

Boot MetaDefender Drive:

  • Insert MetaDefender Drive into target system to be processed

  • Boot MetaDefender Drive via BIOS (see Quick Start guide for more details see Getting Started with MetaDefender Drive)

  • If MetaDefender Drive reaches the "Update" phase of usage then the license has been accepted!