9. Release Notes

MetaDefender Drive v3.9.1

Released on Jun 15, 2021

This is a major release that adds new feature as well as improvement and stability

New features

Drive Light Mode

From this release, when booting from systems that have only 4GB of memory or less, the user will be suggested two running modes:

  • Light Mode:

    • selecting this, the system will be running with only one AV engine

    • BitDefender is recommended and pre-selected but the user is able to choose another AV engine at their wish

    • all of the previous settings and integration (OPSWAT Central Management and MetaDefender Vault) are preserved and unchangeable

  • Normal Mode:

    • choosing this mode, Drive will continue booting into normal working mode

    • user should be aware of slow performance or even crash due to the lacking of resource

MetaDefender Vault Integration

MetaDefender Vault is one of the best ways to store and transfer valuable data crossing a critical infrastructure with safety. The integration between MetaDefender Drive and MetaDefender Vault in Drive 3.9.0 is to bring those benefits to your organization.

Preserve user settings during upgrade

Settings are saved when installing new version of Drive

Custom report naming

Reports now can be given with human memorable names


Better User Experience

  • Navigation bar has been made more intuitive

  • Device tab is updated with more information about the scan sessions

  • Allows restoring default settings

  • Notifcation messages have been generally improved

  • Eventlog is now updated more smoothly

Improved Performance and Power/Heat Management

Scan engines and utilities are optimized to reduce resource consumption while still increase throughput 15%

Notice for Intel RST

On a laptop that has this technology integrated and enabled, some BIOS modification is required in order to help boot media to work. Drive will detect such cases and show an on-screen guidance.

Bugs fixed

Better Japanese Translation

Previous editions had a less accurate Japanese translation. This has been corrected.

Some internal bugs fixed

Some bugs were fixed for files transferring and mounting destination disks