3. Processing Your Device

Configuring the Scan

  • Full Device Processing scans all disks that are mounted and unlocked with all enabled engines and technologies. Press the Start button to immediately begin processing your device.

Please note that the total engines and technologies included for a full device scan are depend on if engines or technologies are enabled under Settings Prefrerences.

  • Custom Processing enables quicker operation with user-defined selections. Press the Select button to choose:

    • a subset of files to scan

    • a subset of processing (i.e. malware analysis, vulnerability analysis, potential data leak detection…)

images/download/attachments/4081062/Full_device_processing.png images/download/attachments/4081062/Custom_Processing.png

Scan in Progress

The MetaDefender Drive processes every file on the underlying system (assuming encryption keys have been provided, and no other access barriers are present).

Each file is submitted to the embedded MetaDefender system on the MetaDefender Drive to process the file with a variety of antivirus, vulnerability, and utility engines. Time Remaining is a best guess based on the previous rate of processing, and file size, and may update as processing continues. Once the scan has finished the user may click on View Report and see the scan results.

This stage can take from several minutes to several hours depending on the hardware specs of the target machine as well as the data being scanned.

If the target machine is equipped with only 4GB of memory or less, please consider using Custom Scan with Malware Multi Scanning only for the best performance.