User Guide


MetaDefender Drive provides an advanced analysis solution in a USB form factor that embeds multiple anti-malware engines and OPSWAT file-based vulnerability detection capabilities. MetaDefender Drive is able to quickly and easily boot into any suspicious (x86/x64 based architecture) device in an organization. After the analysis is complete MetaDefender Drive provides a comprehensive report on the state of the device without modifying the underlying filesystem leaving it at rest.


Key Features

  • No software installation required

  • Supports online and offline machines, e.g. air-gapped networks.

  • Supports Windows, macOS, Linux file systems

  • Supports Full and Partial path processing

  • Includes multi-scanning commercial anti-malware packages (number of engines based on Edition)

  • Includes File-Based Vulnerability Analysis (patented) (available on select Editions)

  • Includes Data Loss Protection (available on select Editions)

  • Includes Country of Origin analysis (available on select Editions)

  • Report generated as PDF, Text, and JSON

  • Works with OPSWAT Central Management

Supports Encrypted Disks

MetaDefender Drive can unlock encrypted hard disks if the decryption/recovery keys are made available.

MetaDefender Drive supports the following full disk encryption technologies: