Installing Update Downloader using the Command Line

Preliminary notes

  • If the Update Downloader package dependencies are not installed on your system you may need to have a working Internet connection or you may have to provide the Installation media during the installation. Consult your Operating System documentation on how to use Installation media as a package repository.

Debian package (.deb)

sudo dpkg -i <file name> || sudo apt-get install -f

On Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS package (.rpm)

sudo yum install <file name>

Windows package (.msi)

On Windows systems it is possible to install the product by running the corresponding .msi file.

From command line interface it is also possible to install the product by executing

msiexec /i <msi file name> <option key>=<option value>
where the possible keys and their default values are the following:


Default Value



REST interface binding address



REST interface binding port

For details on using msiexec please consult Windows installer documentation.