4.2.3 Post Actions

This feature is only available since Update Downloader 2.5.0

We do not recommend to create post action and assign it to a product when:

  • Update Downloader shares an export folder with any MetaDefender Core, and

  • In Update Settings of that MetaDefender Core, the setting DELETE FILES AFTER IMPORT is enabled.

Reason: the packages in shared folder might be removed by MetaDefender Core first before the post action takes action on those packages.

Pre-defined post actions to be auto triggered whenever a downloaded engine, or its database, turns to ready state to deliver to your all associated offline MetaDefender product(s).

This feature setting can be found under Inventory menu → Post Actions


  • Hit ADD NEW POST ACTION to add a new one

  • One post action could be assigned to one or multiple created product(s) - Check 4.2.2 Products to learn how to create a product on Update Downloader

  • One created product can have one or multiple post action(s) assigned to run



  • Hit ADD button to finish.

Integration instruction:

STD input for your integrated script to consume and process:


For example: