Automatic update

Update settings are accessible under Settings > Update after successful login.


Update settings

  • Automatic database updates: Update Downloader will check for new updates according to this schedule.

  • Save packages to: You can find exported update packages in this directory. For Metascan v4.x/Central Management you can find updates in the root of this directory. For Metascan v3.x updates are generated into a subdirectory called MetascanV3

  • Automatically clean up packages older than: Product will clean up target directory regularly and delete packages older than the specified age.

  • Generate packages for: Metascan v3 and v4 use different format of update packages. To save your system resources you can control what packages need to be generated. Central Management uses Metascan v4+ packages even the managed products under Central Management are v3.

  • Update time: configure when NOT to export packages.