3.2.2. Roles

Roles can be assigned to users. This simplifies controlling permissions. The Roles tab lists the existing roles in the system.

Default roles

After installation the following default roles are created with the following parameters:


Display name

Default member username





Full on all functions


Security administrators


Full on Update history, Engines, Update settings functions


Security auditor


Read-only on all functions


Help desk


Read-only on Update history and Engines functions


Each role has a set of rights associated to it. Each of these rights represent the level of access to the appropriate function of Metadefender Update Downloader Web Management Console.
A right can be set to one of three different states:

  • None: users of this role have no right to access the given function of Metadefender Update Downloader Web Management Console. The menu belonging to the function is not displayed for the users of this role.

  • Read-only: users of this role have right to access the given function for observation purposes only. Users of this role can, however, not effectuate any modifications or any change to the function.

  • Full: users of this role have full access to the given function, including viewing any data belonging to it and modifying its configuration.


Besides listing existing roles the Roles tab provides the following functions:

  • Add new role

  • Modify (and view) existing role

  • Delete existing role

The default role Administrators can not be deleted or modified.

Modify role

The users' permissions won't be modified during the session, even if one of their roles are modified in the meantime.

For example:

  1. A user is assigned to the role security_admin and has Full permissions on Config history

  2. She can see Config history changes

  3. During her session the Config history permissions are set to None for the security_admin role.

  4. The logged in user can still select the Config history menu and can see the configuration changes there.

Then new permissions will be effective only after a logout and new login.

Delete role

A role can not be deleted as long as it is assigned to any user.

As a consequence deleting a role can not affect active sessions of users.