3. Logging in to Salesforce

The procedures for logging in to Salesforce have not changed. However, there is an added interface that shows you MetaAccess is working to verify your device’s compliance.

To log in to Salesforce:

1. Navigate to your Salesforce log in URL and log in as you normally do.

MetaAccess verifies whether your device complies with access policies.


If it complies, you are granted access to your account. If it does not comply, Salesforce displays a page explaining what the problem is and how to fix it.


If you are denied access, one of the following is the cause:

  • Your device does not have the OPSWAT Client installed on it

  • Your device does not comply with your company’s security policies.

  • There is a disconnect between MetaAccess and Salesforce.

Use the procedures in the next section to help you remedy the situation.