6.3. Registering an OAuth Application in MetaAccess to obtain a client key and client secret

When you register an application, MetaAccess associates your instance of the application with your MetaAccess account and generates a unique client key and client secret associated with that application. You will use the client key and client secret in later procedures.

To register the MetaAccess OAuth application:

1. Log into the OPSWAT MetaAccess OAuth portal. Note: This requires the same credentials you used to log into MetaAccess console for an account you integrate with the OPSWAT | Cloud Security for Salesforce app.

The MetaAccess Register New Application page appears.

2. Click in the Application Name text field and enter the name of the new application.

Note: Reference our Branding Guidelines for your application name.

3. Click in the Description text field and enter a short description of the new application.

4. Click Choose File.

The Open dialog appears.

5. Navigate to the folder that contains the icon for the new application and double-click the icon.

6. Click in the Website URL text field and enter the complete URL to your website.

7. Click in the Callback URL text field and enter the complete URL to the site where users are redirected after authorizing application for access to the account.

For example:

8. Click Save.


The page for the new application appears.


9. You will need Client Key and Client Secret information when you configure Salesforce.