6.2. Enabling Cross-Domain Integration in MetaAccess

The procedures in this section show you to configure MetaAccess and Salesforce to communicate with each other and work together.

The OPSWAT | Cloud Security for Salesforce needs to talk to OPSWAT Client which installed on endpoints to identify what device a user is using to access Salesforce before it connects to MetaAccess to query device compliance status. To allow the app communicate with the OPSWAT Client, you must enable the cross-domain API on endpoints at a port that is available on endpoints.

To enable the cross-domain API:

1. Log into the OPSWAT MetaAccess console.

Note: If you do not have an OPSWAT account, register for one and log in to the portal.

2. Click Settings, then click Integrations. The Integrations page appears.

3. Click Device Identity tab, then click the Enable cross-domain API integration at port checkbox.

4. Click in the Enable cross-domain API integration at port text field, enter the port number that is available on endpoints

5. Click Save.