3. Installing OPSWAT | Cloud Security for Salesforce

Thank you for installing OPSWAT | Cloud Security for Salesforce. This app is leveraged OPSWAT platforms and technologies to help organizations prevent risky devices from accessing Salesforce.

Precondition: You need to talk to OPSWAT to get an installation path of the app. For example: /packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=<package id>

Installing the Application

To install/update the application:

1. Use a web browser to log into Salesforce organization you would like to install the app.

2. Then enter the URL <your Salesforce organization domain>/<installation path> to your browser

For example:

- Your Salesforce organization domain URL: https://yourSalesforcedomain.my.salesforce.com

- Installation path of the app: /packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=<package id>

The URL you should use to install the app: https://yourSalesforcedomain.my.salesforce.com/packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=<package id>

3. Select what users you want to install the app for. Click Install for Admins Only if you want to install this app for admin only, click the Acknowledgement checkbox, then click Install.


4. Click the Grant Access checkbox, then click Continue to allow the app send and receive data to/from MetaAccess.


The system installs the OPSWAT | Cloud Security for Salesforce.


5. When installation is complete, the Get-Started message with steps guide you how to set up the appp appears in your browser window. This message is also shown up on the app home page. Click Done.


The Installed Packages page appears.


You can now configure the app to start enforcing device compliance check before granting a device access to your Salesforce environment.