2. About OPSWAT | Cloud Security for Salesforce

OPSWAT | Cloud Security for Salesforce helps you ensure that only endpoints that comply with your company’s security policies access your Saleforce environment. It uses the power of our MetaAccess platform to verify the compliance status of each endpoint that OPSWAT Client installed before granting access.


MetaAccess prevents risky devices from accessing local networks and cloud applications, like Salesforce. Administrators configure device security requirements that endpoints must meet before they can access a protected resource. It enforces those requirements on any endpoint attempting access from anywhere. To learn more about MetaAccess, visit the MetaAccess product page on www.opswat.com.


The OPSWAT Client resides on endpoints, collects endpoint compliance information and submits it to MetaAccess at a frequency defined in MetaAccess. In this way, MetaAccess always has a complete and thorough compliance status on every endpoint for which it has responsibility. OPSWAT Client supports various common operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and different agent types to cover both BYOD and corporate-owned devices.

How OPSWAT | Cloud Security for Salesforce Works

When a user successfully logs into Salesforce, OPSWAT | Cloud Security for Salesforce app requests that MetaAccess verifies whether the endpoint, that the user uses to login, is in compliance with your company’s policies. Since MetaAccess has the data handy when a user logs in to Salesforce, verification is quick. If the endpoint is in compliance with company security requirements, the app allows the user access to Salesforce. If it does not or has not installed OPSWAT Client, the app will block the user from accessing Salesforce and informs the user as such and suggests ways to remediate the situation.