5. MetaDefender Client Release Notes

Tips and Known Issues

  • If MetaDefender Client is reporting an error in scanning a file, the file should first be scanned through the MetaDefender Core's web interface to determine the cause of the error.

4.1.14 MetaDefender Client release

13 March, 2019

MetaDefender Client 4.1.14 is a maintenance release primarily focused on bug fixes

Distributions included

  • MetaDefender Premium Client


Allow users to hide or show the Compliance tab on the client UI

User can add a new setting, compliance_enableb, to configuration file to show/hide the compliance tab.

Now, the Compliance tab on the UI is hidden if compliance_enableb is set as false or MetaDender Client is scanned with MetaDefender API


MetaDefender Client was c rashed when a user scans files which their paths contain Japanese/Chinese characters

MetaDefender Client now s upports file paths with utf-8 characters .

Files containing %%% in the filename don't get copied

MetaDefender Client supports special characters in file paths

C ouldn't install MetaDefender Client on Japanese Windows

MetaDefender Client can be installed on Japanese Windows

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