10. Release notes

MetaDefender Core v4.15.1

Release Date: 06 June 2019

This is a feature release primarily focused on product maintenance.

New & Improved

Partial sanitization use-case for archive file types

  • New DS results for clarity when not all child files of an original archive was sanitized successfully

  • New configuration options to prevent allowed original child files from being added into a sanitized archive file when they are non-sanitizable / failed to sanitize / not configured for sanitization

Clarified error messages for terminated engine processes

  • Clarified message when Core has to forcefully terminate an engine process, so as not to mislead when the engine crashes itself

New REST API for cleaning up idle batch scans

  • New REST API to allow admins to clean up idle batch scans within a configured time frame

UI improvement

  • Engine custom configuration text box on UI will not be displayed when an engine does not support custom configuration

License EULA update

  • Update all library dependencies' license terms and conditions

Bug fixes

Stability issue

  • Potential memory handling issue that could cause the node service to crash

  • Empty and read-only files are no longer extracted

Usability issue

  • Not able to remove abandoned temp. files of archive files when they are empty and read-only

Security issue

  • AD user credential is not masked properly on the audit log while sending over to AD server for authentication

Scanning batch REST API issues

  • Batch delays between receiving data_id and batch info

Engine custom configuration

  • When clearing the field on the UI, custom settings in omsConfig.ini under engine folders couldn't be removed

UI issues

  • Dashboard refresh button sometimes did not work as expected

  • List of processing records didn't show when changing "number records per page" while not staying at first page

  • Not user-friendly error messages when adding duplicate hashes to a backlist

  • Typos on the UI