10. Release notes

MetaDefender Core v4.14.3

Release Date: 01 April 2019

This is a maintenance release primarily focused on bug fixes.


Node becomes unstable under high load processing

Enhance node logic to better handle high load processing, and avoid potential crash issue could occur leading to failure in scans.

Closing batch with ongoing scans could result in failed verdict on batch

Better handle corner case when closing batch in which ongoing scans still being processed can possibly result in failed verdict on batch

Inconsistent behavior with password protected document

With proper password provided via REST API, the password protected document needs to be extracted and scanned like other password protected archive file types.

Temporary files are not cleaned up when cancelling an ongoing scan

When scanning an ongoing scan, temporary files created by engines will be released and cleaned up before finishing that scan session.

Inconsistent returned error message between batch and file scanning via REST

For those scans with requested workflow rule is non-existed, the error message returned by /batch and /file are now identical with "No available rule is present for scanning"

DLP verdict returns incorrect value for some cases

Better handle DLP engine final verdict to return correct outcome on Core

Logs in support package did not handle non-Unicode characters

Messages in logs located in support package now support Unicode better

New & improved

Support built-in integration with OPSWAT Central

MetaDefender API (Core) is now supported to integrate with OPSWAT Central

Support new setting for archive sanitization timeout

Archive sanitization timeout is now configurable

Add libcurl4 as alternative dependency to libcurl3 for better support on Ubuntu 18.04

MetaDefender Core now can use both libcurl4 and libcurl3 to run on Ubuntu 18.04

Outputs and indicators for Threat Intelligence feature on Quarantine UI page more relevant and informative

Output messages and indicators for Threat Intelligence feature on Quarantine UI page are now more relevant and informative

Effectively wipe out necessary data from support package

Ensure all unnecessary data will be wiped out completely from support package

Add process time field into CSV exported history report

Add process time column into CSV exported report

Revamp Inventory UI page with "Utilities" group

Yara, Archive and File Type engine now are grouped under "Utilities"

More relevant REST error message for scan request where file is non-existed / inaccessible

Error message will be now returned as "File not found, invalid path or access" for cases where file is non-existed / inaccessible

Syslog message for scan-finish event more comprehensive

Syslog message for scan-finish event will have scan-time field (AV engine scan duration)

Consolidated scan info for archive scan result fetching

Querying archive scan result via REST now can return full extracted files' result in one single JSON