Why is my Kaspersky engine no longer running?

Any customer that is still running Metascan 3.9.0 through 3.11.1 with the 16 or 20 engine package will need to update the Kaspersky engine in their package before July 1, 2016. Because their Kaspersky license will expire on 7/15/2016.

OPSWAT recommends upgrading to the latest version of Metadefender Core, if at all possible. If upgrading is not an option, perform the following task to ensure the Kaspersky engine continues to work. This only needs to be done for Metascan 3.9.0 through 3.11.1 and only for customers that have the 16 or 20 engine packages.

You can download the patch here. To apply this patch, please follow the instructions below.

1. Stop the Metascan service by opening a command prompt and entering net stop metascan

2. Extract the package you downloaded from the link above with the password "opswat".

3. Copy all of the extracted files into the Kaspersky engine directory in the Metascan install directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\OPSWAT\Metascan XX\Engines\Kaspersky).

4. Start the Metascan service by opening a command prompt and entering net start metascan

5. Confirm the Kaspersky engine is scanning and returns the valid definition time from either the command line (by running the command omsCmdLineUtil.exe debug in the Metascan directory) or through the Metascan Management Console.

This article applies to Metascan product from 3.9.0. to 3.11.1
This article was last updated on 2016-08-16.