Why is MetaDefender Core REST API returning different results than the MetaDefender Management Console?

MetaDefender Core does not treat files differently, regardless of how they are delivered. You should expect the same results whether you use the command line, web scan, or a custom COM or REST interface.If you are seeing different results, check to make sure that the files are not being inadvertently manipulated before being posted to the REST Server:

  1. Scan the file via the Command Line.

  2. Compare the file in the scan logs.

  3. Compare the hash against the file submitted via REST.

If the file sizes and hash values differ, the extra data is most likely being added to the file before or while it is getting transferred to the REST API. This would affect the results of some engines.The most common causes of this are antivirus products, firewalls, and proxy servers.

If the file sizes and hash values are the same in both cases, please log a support ticket in the OPSWAT Portal.

This article pertains to MetaDefender Core v3
This article was last updated on 2019-11-22