What is a MetaDefender Client for licensing purposes?

MetaDefender Core tracks the number of remote clients that connect to the server and access scanning functionality. The number of clients in any 24 hour period cannot exceed the number licensed for a MetaDefender Core server.

For licensing purposes, a MetaDefender Client is any remote system that is scanning files through either the REST or ICAP interfaces. For clients connecting through the REST interface, the number of clients is equal to the number of systems accessing the REST interface, as measured by unique IP addresses. For scanning through the ICAP interface, MetaDefender counts the number of unique endpoints scanning files through the proxy server.

By default, the MetaDefender Core license includes 25 MetaDefender Clients. You can increase the number of clients by purchasing an additional license provided by OPSWAT.

For more information on the MetaDefender REST and ICAP interfaces, please consult the MetaDefender Core Documentation.

This article applies to MetaDefender Core v3
This article was last updated on 2019-11-08