What is a Customer Licensed Engine?

"Customer licensed engine" is the term used to describe an antivirus application that is already installed on your server (for example, an antivirus application that is installed on all computers in your corporate environment) which can then be incorporated as another engine to be used by Metadefender Core. You can view a list of antivirus applications that can be used as a customer licensed engine here. A compatible antivirus application that is installed on the server will be automatically detected and made visible as an engine in the Metadefender Core Management Console (MMC). You can then use the MMC to enable the engine for Metadefender Core. Note: Metadefender Core's embedded engines are configured for optimal performance, whereas a customer licensed engine is not. Thus, the performance of Metadefender Core can be adversely affected by a customer licensed engine. Customer Licensed Engines are not supported in Metadefender Core v4. This article pertains to Metadefender Core v3
This article was last updated on 2016-08-30.