What interfaces are available on MetaDefender Core v3?

The interfaces listed below are available on MetaDefender Core v3:


  • OPSWAT uses the JSON-based V2 REST API. More information can be found in the MetaDefender Core Developer Guide

  • MetaDefender Core can be accessed remotely as long as it is accessible over the network

  • Interoperability with MetaDefender Cloud REST API – minor code changes to switch back and forth

  • Asynchronous – MetaDefender Core provides the results of in-progress scans

  • Responses are in JSON format

  • Offers management and statistical functionality


  • Local – MetaDefender Core and client application must be running on the same machine

  • Offers easy integration for C# / ASP.NET languages

  • Can be synchronous or asynchronous

  • Portions of this API have been deprecated: InitEX, scan, scanandclean, puttoscanqueue, puttoscanandclean, getupdatestatus, analyzefiletype, subscribeglobalevents, unsubscribeglobalevents


  • Any device implementing the standard ICAP protocol can use the MetaDefender Core ICAP interface

  • MetaDefender Core ICAP functionality has been primarily tested with the following proxy servers:

    • Blue Coat

    • F5 Big IP

    • Squid


  • Documentation is available as part of your MetaDefender Core installation (The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\OPSWAT\MetaDefender Core XX\Docs\JAVA API html)

This article applies to Metadefender Core v3 product.
This article was last updated on 2019-11-11