Version 3.9.3

New features

  • A Beta version of configurable workflows has been added to Metascan and can be used through the 'process' REST API. Please refer to the Metascan Developer Guide section of the Metascan documentation for more information on using this and related APIs.

  • Archive handling, file type analysis, quarantine/delete, file type conversion and 'copy to' post actions can all now be configured per workflow profile

  • A customized Automatic Definition Update Download Utility package can now be downloaded from the Metascan Management Console

Other changes

  • The archive handling functionality has been updated to support more types of ISO and tar.bz2 archive extraction

  • The security and compatibility of the Metascan Management Console and web interface has been improved by replacing the PHP component with JavaScript

  • The ClamWin engine included in all Metascan packages has been replaced with the ClamAV engine