Version 3.9.1

Known limitations for the Metascan Mail Agent

  • Mail Agent has only been tested on Exchange Server 2013 and 2010

  • Each Metascan server can only scan mail from one Mail Agent on one Exchange Server

  • E-mail formatting is lost when downloaded from Quarantine page

  • Quarantined files are not properly listed in the Quarantine Manager when there are too many files in the quarantine

New features

  • Metascan Mail Agent for Exchange is included in all Metascan packages

  • Quarantine Manager is now available through the Metascan Management Console

  • Configuration settings can be exported and imported through the Management Console

Other changes

  • The number of Remote Client Licenses included with each Metascan package has been increased to 25

  • Significant performance improvements have been made when scanning large volumes of files

  • The Metascan service will now start automatically after installation

  • The ClamWin embedded engine has been updated to the latest version