Version 3.6.0

New features

  • Added 8 new engines as embedded engines; Avira, BitDefender, Emsisoft, Frisk/F-Prot, Inca/nProtect, K7, VirusBlokAda, Zillya

  • Enhanced archive library to handle the number of files and file size inside of an archive file

  • Enhanced update report when update is already request so that engine name which is currently updating is part of update report

  • Added new COM API, CheckLicenseEx (For more details, refer to Software Developer Guide)

  • Enhanced license activation to support rollback mechanism in case of activation failure

  • Updated MMC with various changes such as engines and license page

  • Updated Metascan Connector timeout value from 30 seconds to 5 minutes

Other changes

  • Fixed Metascan Configurator failing to create a database instance on Postgres

  • Minor bug fixes